Synergy Helicopters first came on the R/C helicopter scene in 2006 with the introduction of the Synergy N9, designed by Jason Krause and Todd Bennett. As time passed, Jason Krause moved on to other projects, and investor Stephen Fan looked for a new engineer who could continue design maintenance work as well as create new models to solidify the Synergy brand in the R/C market place. The position was offered to Matt Botos, a Synergy team pro pilot who had previous experience with engineering and computer science. Looking for a career change and intrigued by the opportunity to make his favorite hobby a career, Matt Botos accepted the position of designer in September 2007.
Sadly, on January 30th 2010 owner/investor Stephen Fan was killed in a tragic race car accident. 
It was at this point that Todd Bennett, after the loss of his good friend Stephen Fan, decided to pursue other opportunities and handed the distribution reins to Matt Botos where he created the Botos Design & Distribution Corporation. 
In May of 2010 Synergy released The N5 which immediately became a success.
Shortly after the N5’s release, Matt Botos accepted sole ownership of Synergy R/C Helicopters. Botos Design & Distribution Inc. is now the funding umbrella corporation to Synergy Model Helicopters.