In 1924  Robert Becker founded a sawmill in germany. In the eary days he started selling different wood products.

1945 they started importing balso wood from South America. It was Robert Becker who realized the possibilties of

this material, used in modeling.

So they started manufacturing balsawood kits for model airplanes.

In the 60s the collaboration with Futaba, manufacturer of RC equipment, started. In 1981 the Schwarzhaupt-group

joined as partner to Robbe.
The next years Robbe had overtaken Keller ( electric motors) and in1986 Schlüter helicopters. For a few years ( till 1990)

Mr. Schlüter now designed helicopters ( Junior 50, Scout, Magic) for Robbe.

They manufactured them under the double-barrel name (Robbe-Schlüter) until finally moving back to their own brand name.  A bit confusing but apart from the pre-joining models I have called the combined 'break' point at the Futura models so that from this model and onwards it will be referenced under Robbe and all previous models under Schlüter.
In 2015 Robbe became insolvent and they went out of business in Grebenhain . Since 2017 Lindinger Modellbau/Austria continued activities with the Robbe sign.

Pre Robbe / Schlüter

Advert for 1988 of GB importer