Helicopters from the 70's  till now -

Preservation and Restoration  

VRHC can be contacted through the contact form


How to find the desired helicopter

  • in the RC-helicopters menu you can walk through all menus till you have the desired helicopter
    or you select manufacturer to get a list of them
  • if you know the name of the helicopter, dependent if it's a trainer or fuselage modell, you can
    select "by name(trainer)" or "by name fuselage" to get a list of all supported helicopters


WHAT'S NEW.....!!!!!   

Jan 2022  adding decal sites to Kyosho, Kalt, Schlüter, TSK, MiniatureAircraft

Mar 2021  lots of new photos, plans and manuals. Thanks to all who assisted me collecting this.
                    Many decals have been scanned and edited, so you can download the file and make a duplicate

Jun 2020 - Added section for MA upgrades -> http://www.vrhc.co.uk/index.php/en/x-cell-assemblies

July 2019 - Lots of new photos and plans, added Gaui, KDS, MSH, Outrage, TSA
                     Thanks to Al Coelho for all his MA informations ( find his site here http://www.vrhc.co.uk/index.php/en/identify-model )

Jan 2019  -  thanks to Dave Day for his Reviews!! You find his site here --> Dave Day Aeromodeller

Dez 2018   - added sections for Aeolus, Avant, Audacity, Blitz, Compass, Ely.Q,,.... and lot of additional manuals and photos

Jan 2018   - converting website to a cms system (Joomla) --> old Website via canvas menu

4 Feb 17 - updating Kyosho site, all catalogues

1 Jan 17 - a lot of new photos and documents
                thanks to Marc for his GMP site which is located  under GMP section

31 Jul 16 - added several explosion views and manuals

11 Jun 16 - as many MA sites are down, MA section have been added

29 May 16 - new photos and manuals in many categories, thanks to Dan Johannson

10 Mar 16 - all Schlüter catalogues added / Schlüter Kataloge hinzugefügt

01 Feb 16 - Added manuals and plans to Wik, Kavan, Graupner
                  Bedienungsanleitungen und Pläne von Wik, Kavan, Graupner hinzugefügt

20 Apr 14 - General addition of photos, manuals and finally decent photos of the KKK Stunt Homer.

20 Jan 14 - Not much as I have not had the time to look at the site....!!!!????

18 Nov 13 - MS Composit page added (basic level only)

06 Nov 13 - MIA Mario I Arguello section incorporated.

01 Nov 13 - Quick WorldWide QWW All models section developed (but still awaiting detailed heli reports)