Gazaur Helicopters

Taiwan company entered the market with the very futuristic looking Mars and Poseidon 480 size electric helicopters.  Incorporated a significant number of unique design features giving it a very 'distinctive' look.  Very high spec and rotor head incorporates a rising flybar system similar to the Henseleit layout.

Gazaur 480 Information  -  Detailed information on the design and development of the 480.  

Gazaur only produced these two helicopters which were not a great commercial success though all owners reckoned they flew extremely well  but by 2011 had ceased production.

Gazaur Mars 480 (2007)


I found it was very much like a 'scale' helicopter in flying characteristics therefore not particularly comfortable in circuits due to having light paddles and a low flybar mix ratio.  Additionally head speed was very low so replaced with a more powerful motor and with a higher head speed straight flight is a lot better.

Gazaur Mars 480 build manual  -  Full info and parts list.  

Gazaur Poseidon 480

No info currently held on this version.