E-sky Helicopters

A late entry into the electric helicopters though quickly caught up in the Contra-Rotating market.  Their first helicopter was a pure crib of the 'piccolo' however they then followed on with the more advanced models such as the Honeybee King and Belt CP.  Unfortunately these were aimed at the 'cheaper' end of the market and as such did not have wonderful flying characteristics; though modifying with the 'metal' upgrades and more powerful motor could make them 'acceptable'.

My E-sky Honeybee King 2 (2008)


In 2007 I had four 'Tyro' helicopter flyers on my ship who I started to teach how to fly helicopters.  Three of them had clubbed together and despite my initial advice had purchased a Honeybee King 2 each; complete packages for what was a very good price but unfortunately they were to learn what a mistake this would turn out to be.  The forth listened and bought a T-rex 'clone' and very quickly learned to hover... but that is another story.  After having many failures one of the three bought a Mini-titan and also I part swapped him a Shuttle for this Honeybee King 2 which is the point of the story.

Why you may ask given the above statements?  I had spent many hours trying to set up all three of their models, each was different but one common fault was that I could not get them to track correctly with all of them displaying about 30 degrees phasing on the cyclic controls.

I wasn't going to be beaten and had 'heard' that the complete 'metal' upgrade set made them fly OK so for the princely sum of £32 (inc postage from Hong Kong), I tried it.  The helicopter was stripped down, fully checked over and rebuilt with all the upgrades, plus a brushless motor.  Low and behold, after carefully setting up on the first test it 'hopped' up into the hover with good control and showing no phasing at all; even figure eights etc were controllable and quite smooth.  Following that I acquired an Airwolf fuselage for next to no money and carried out the conversion.  Looks though are not quite right as it has a very 'tall' head and with it being purple is quite noticeable.  The extra weight seemed to make it hover and control very smoothly however, the fitted brushless motor was only a '400' size replacement and thus with the body could only just provide enough power to hover.

E-sky Lama V4

Review of E-sky Lama V4  -  by Dave Day ---> http://www.vrhc.co.uk/dave/lama.htm