Alees RC

Rush 750 (2013)



 Full Length  1190 mm
 Rotorhead  FB / FBL
 Main Rotor Dia  1608 mm
 Height  418 mm
 Engine  12s
 Full Equipped Weight  5080 g
 Gear  4.33:1



Manual Rush 750


 Alees Inc. was established by the former Rotorworkz owner Charley Stephens  with the goal to develop a stable and high-class RC-helicopter brand.
The first product of this company was the Rush 750 and it was, in opposite to other asian manufacturers, only offered as kit . So
every client can use his prefered components. 

For some time manuals could be accessed through the new website

Since 2020 Aleest seems to be completely out of business.

  • Rush 750 inverted