Established in July of 1984, ALIGN CORPORATION LIMITED began as manufacturer of carbon brush motors, and later expanded the product line to include milling machine equipment: Power Table Feed & Power Drawbar. In 1987 ALIGN began R&D of Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners, with products popularized by the Japanese market. ALIGN eventually established OEM/ ODM relationship with major Japanese brands Hitachi and Toshiba.

By 2003, Align has broadened its product line from appliances, telecommunications, and information technology to radio control hobby products. “Align RC World” was the result of Align’s shift into family recreational concepts, with products such as high performance radio controlled model kits, related electronics, and high efficiency model power system.

After the successful introduction of T-Rex 450X HDE R/C helicopter, Align released the ground breaking T-Rex 450XL CCPM R/C helicopter in July of 2004. With the uncommon CCPM mixing system over the traditional HDE mechanical mixing, the T-Rex 450XL quickly became Align’s first best seller. At the same time, Align has transformed itself into an internationally known brand. The succeeding T-Rex 600N/700N glow fuel powered helicopter series have become the equipment of choice for many world level competitors.