JS Model

Chengdu Jingshi Model Co., Ltd (known as JS Model) founded on 22nd December 1998, has a longstanding commitment to the
development and manufacturing of the nitro R/C helicopter, and is the first manufacture of R/C helicopter with assembly line
production in China.

Since its inception of our company, we kept purchasing progressive fabricating machinery, improving the technology innovation
of enterprise and independent product development capacity , increasing production efficiency, to get in accordance with the
market demand .Company of high-quality and high credibility has won widespread acclaim customers.
As its production capacity is increasing , the market is getting bigger.

JS Model has concentrated for many years on the research of helicopter’s structure performance and operating principle to
achieve the aim ”Made in China” of high-end unmanned helicopter and gained a breakthrough in unmanned helicopter field.

JS model have developed multi-purpose TZ-300 unmanned helicopter, with cruise duration 40-60minutes, and successfully
developed TZ300-NZ agricultural plant protection unmanned helicopter, taking aim at crops protection.