Keyence Revolutor H-610 



 Length  290 mm
 Height  102 mm
 Main Rotor Dia.  350 mm 
 Tail Rotor Dia.  100 mm
 Gear Ratio  
 Weight  100 g 




This is a injection plastic and metal radio or remote-controlled aircraft model kit.

Keyence is best known as a maker of high-end sensors and other equipment for many different industries. Their staff also likes to
have fun and designs "toys" as a side-line. And what a toy this is. The worlds smallest radio-controlled indoor helicopter.
We will just cover the key points:


  • Super lightweight - 100 grams!
  • Amazing hovering ability from a free-gyro sensor
  • Gyro sensor and dedicated electronics circuits allow independent 4-channel (vertical, rotation, backward/forward, left/right) control
  • Optional switching power supply makes long flights (about 30 minutes) possible
  • Main rotor and body made from Styrofoam. One rotor set comes with kit.
  • 3 meter wired cable allows longer flights.


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  • Revolutor_006
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  • Revolutor_009
  • Revolutor_011
  • Revolutor_012
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